Cue Dramatic Entrance | About Me

First and foremost I just want to say to anyone who stumbled upon this blog in hopes to learn more about the acting and entertainment industry and for some reason chose to visit this site as their resource: Welcome! and Thanks for Reading!

Hello, my name is Justin Z Cole and I am an actor here in the Southeast Region (NC, SC, GA, AL…) currently represented by the amazing, astonishing, legendary (let me know if I’m underselling) Marilyn’s Agency!  Now I myself am still just beginning in my acting journey but have appeared in a few films and tv shows such as Blood of The Mummy (film), Good Behavior (tv), Homicide Hunter (tv) and many others.  And while acting is my passion I also perform stand up comedy and love to write (hence a blog.)

Now for the question that I’m sure you’re all asking yourselves, why? Why is this jabroni starting yet another blog about acting??? Is it just so he can promote his own shitty movies??? Well probably yes (insert laugh) I will try and write about my own set experiences and occasionally plug my films, but mostly I just want to be a resource of information for other actors starting out in the industry such as head shots, resumes, getting an agent, auditioning, staying fit, marketing and really any other thing we as actors go through or are looking to learn.

So welcome everyone to the screen dreams blog!  I hope to entertain and inform and maybe even inspire…..but i’ll settle for moderate amusement as well.

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