Line! | Memorizing Scripts a How To Guide

Whether you’re a new actor, a seasoned actor, or some kind of tweener we all have the same basic job requirement of us…….learn your freaking lines!!! Now I know we’re all experienced actors and actresses who all know to show up on set or stage completely off book.  Many of you probably have your own techniques for how you memorize your lines and am all for doing whatever works for you!  But in this post I just wanted to share a few techniques that have worked for me and maybe, just maybe, could be helpful in your acting journey!

Technique 1: READ READ READ
This is a classic that everyone should be doing. Simply read your script, then re-read it, then when you’ve gotten comfortable with the material… it again! Not only will reading the entirety of the script multiple time help you memorize your lines it will also help you gain a better understanding of the story, your character, and your character’s interactions with your costars characters.

Technique 2: Run Lines!
Yes this seems like, yet again, another no brainer. But running lines is a tried and true memorization technique because it works! When you run lines with a partner you can really act and react in the scene, you can get into character, and see how another actor reacts to your performance. I feel like once you’ve gotten into the mindset of your character the dialogue becomes almost second nature!

Technique 3: Memorize By Letters
Okay so this one maybe you aren’t familiar with, one of my favorite memorization techniques is to write down the first letter of each word, keeping punctuation the same.

Example: Chris “I need to get out of this town, it’s become unbearable!”

I would write out: Chris “I n t g o o t t, it’s b u!”

If you can memorize what each corresponding letter means then you’ve memorized the lines!

Anyway there are many many many (did I say many?) techniques for learning lines and script analysis, you just need to find the best way to memorize for you. These are just the techniques that work best for me, I just hope this post may have given you a few new tools in your memorization toolbox. If you have other memorization techniques or just want to call me hack (I hope not) please feel free to leave a comment!

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