Actors Act

“Acting is a muscle and you have to work it to get better” – I dunno, I just made that quote up, but that doesn’t make it any less true!

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned thus far in my acting journey to become a better actor is you have to act, A LOT. Act in everything, act in classes, act in auditions, act in the mirror, act on stage, act on screen, act on a plane, act on a train, act on a moat on a boat haha. But seriously act in anything and everything you can get. Now I know many of us (myself included) are “starving artists” and really wanna act in things that pay the bills, and that’s great when you can get it, but in the times between those big paying gigs you should always be improving your resume, sharpening your skills, and challenging yourself as an artist! and that means acting and acting a lot!

Now recently in my own life I decided to jump into stage acting professionally for the first time. I had been hesitant before, one for the amount of time needed to dedicate to a show (rehearsals, script study, accent coach, weeks of performance, etc etc,) and for two I had a slight fear making a jump from screen to stage asa the mediums are so different. But in the end I chose to do it, and I honestly believe this challenge of live theatre will no doubt make me a better actor. Challenge yourself, get uncomfortable, and act in anything you can…’s the only way we grow as artists!

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