You Gotta Love It

Recently I was speaking with a very “green” actress who is just starting out in her career (granted I am as well and am still learning constantly) and she asked me how I was getting so much work and if I had any advice to impart to her. My reply was a real look at the behind the scenes of being an actor, the truth is if you really REALLY want to do this as your career you HAVE to love it!

The reality of being an actor is a lot of studying scripts, years of work behind the scenes before booking work becomes a thing of normalcy. I encourage any actor to take part in acting classes, do live theatre, and still maintain your day to day “survival job” to pay for all your classes and head shots and bills all whilst still getting auditions for commercial and film work in on time. In a word being an actor is “struggle.” There are many peaks and valleys you will go through, sometimes you’ll book everything and other times you’ll go months without working. Acting is feast or famine, acting is stressful, acting is challenging and fulfilling all at the same time. But all of these challenges to me is what will separate those who expect an easy ride to fame and fortune and those who truly want to have a career in acting. You have to love the craft, love the process, love learning new things, and love pushing yourself.

I’ve heard this advice given many times and I would give it to anybody thinking of a career in acting, don’t do it if you can do anything else! But despite the struggle, the late nights, the financial cost, the and heartbreaking lows every actor goes through I for one could not imagine doing anything else! As I said, you gotta LOVE it!

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